“How Microsoft has impacted my life and how I plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?”

Microsoft is an American multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, Microsoft Office office suite, and Internet Explorer web browser. Its flagship hardware products are Xbox game console and the Microsoft Surface series of tablets.


A Computer on every desk, and in every home, running    Microsoft software. – Bill Gates


Microsoft is the most successful company which succeeded to complete its vision. Nowadays almost every home has a computer.It is because none of the other company, than Microsoft.

Microsoft has impacted almost everyone’s life. Microsoft made professional as well as personal life easier and faster. Microsoft is everywhere.Actually, We are totally surrounded by Microsoft Products. Here is the glimpse of our life and Microsoft products.

At Schools, Colleges and Universities:


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At Offices:


th2222microsoft-office-2013th (6)Outlook

At Home:


windows 8   a_5949.tifwindows-8-media-center-love-itwindows-media-player

In Our Personal Life :


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I can’t imagine a good day without Microsoft Products, we need them for every basic chores of our life. Microsoft  office acts as an important part in every field of education showing that study is incomplete without knowing the Microsoft products.

Microsoft inspired me to become a software engineer. It was May 2003, when my dad bought a computer for home. I was totally amazed and surprised looking at the computer the way it works. I started learning computer and at the age of 10, I knew how to install Windows XP for my PC and how to assemble computer when given the parts of computer.

One of the happiest day of my life when a student Studying in MCA called me to install Windows XP for her Computer and safely back up data of her computer . I did it. And I got treat for it . In childhood, I decided that I have to become a software engineer. I am always keen to learn various software packages. My journey of learning Microsoft products Started with Microsoft Windows and it continues with MS Paint,MS DOS, MS office, MS Visual Fox Pro, Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Azure etc.

These are the two Microsoft product  amazed me the most.


microsoft-office-2013th (4)

I wondered that to such an extent Microsoft Office can be used to make our professional life easier and better. It has endless use in our day to day life. Microsoft Visual Studio is a boon for developer.Microsoft Visual Studio changed me from just an user to a developer. Microsoft Visual Studio can be used to develop websites (ASP.Net), Animations (OpenGL), Windows Apps, Windows Phone Apps and many more.

Microsoft did not limit its business till software development and selling its products. It also looks for development of the society by encouraging young leaders  and technology evangelists through programs like Youth Spark, Imagine Cup, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Student Partner, Microsoft Virtual Academy etc. and Now Microsoft Student Associate.

Microsoft’s contribution to the society does not stop here Microsoft CEO Bill Gates – along with his wife Melinda – founded America’s largest transparent philanthropic trust, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in 2000. Since then, the trust has made donations totalling $28 billion.  According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website– ever made by the Microsoft founder has been a total of $1,525,380,950 to the United Negro College Fund. The second highest meanwhile is $957,000,000 towards the GAVI Alliance, which aims to increase access to immunization in the world’s poorest countries.




Microsoft has boosted the economy by providing jobs opportunities. Almost 127,104 employees are working for the Microsoft worldwide.(http://www.microsoft.com/enus/news/inside_ms.aspx)



I personally like Microsoft products very much. I have keen interest in current technology trends and innovation. I believe that being a Microsoft Student Associate, I will get chances to learn and explore new ideas and innovation. I am looking forward to be a Microsoft Student Associate 2014 .

My learning will not have limits to me. I follow the Learn & Teach rule which makes us more confident in the subject. Being a Microsoft Student Associate, I will try my best to spread my learnt technology to the society.

It starts right here, from my college:

  • I will conduct technical boot camps and seminar about Microsoft Products.
  • I would love to conduct a seminar about ” What is Microsoft and What are  Microsoft Products “
  • I will share my ideas and thoughts through Social Media (Blogs,Facebook, Twitter etc.).
  • I will actively participate in Microsoft events at our Campus or Outside Campus.
  • I will conduct some seminar for my juniors and friends for current technology.
  • I want to teach  computer to government school children . I am Volunteer of CSR (Collegiate Social Responsibility Club at PESIT).We will go together to teach the government primary school kids the basic of Microsoft windows, Microsoft paint, Microsoft office, games and a lot more. This is not only going to help a student, in turn its helps their family and also the society in the long run.

Thank You Very Much !!



With Regards

Abhishek Kumar Gupta

PES Institute Of Technology, Bangalore




30 thoughts on ““How Microsoft has impacted my life and how I plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?”

  1. Abhi tu toh bada ho gaya !! Achhhhaaaaaa hai , Akele Modi Kya kya karenge. You are the volunteer to change the india. My greets to you. Good Luck 🙂


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